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It’s nearly eggplant season!

The #eggplant (aka aubergine) is a tropical #fruit that is actually a berry by botanical definition! They love the heat and are reasonably drought tolerant.  Eggplants are grown along Australia's east coast, with the majority coming from Queensland. They are just one of the fruits and vegetables that our robots love to pack!  #agriculture#agtech#horticulture#automation#robotics

Robots, food waste and labour

We were featured in the Sydney Morning Herald in an article on the impact of labour shortages and #robotics, including LYRO Robotics, as a solution for the Australian #agriculture industry. Dr Nicole Robinson says the combination of advancing technology with a major problem to solve is what drew her to the sector. “There is a huge amount of #foodwastage that…

LYRO goes global through collaboration with IMI Precision Engineering

Brisbane, Australia-based Lyro Robotics has been contracted to license their Lyro Machine Intelligence software to US based IMI Precision Engineering.This technology partnership will deliver smart robots that will replicate the “hands”, “eyes” and “brain” of human capabilities in automation and logistics applications.The partnership means the two companies will work to deliver a full-stack robotic solution…

Robots helping farmers pack fruit and veg (Advance Queensland)

LYRO Robotics is the brainchild of co-founders Juxi Leitner and Nicole Robinson. They’re a Brisbane-based, deep-tech start-up building intelligent robots, which help farmers across regional Queensland to identify, sort and package fruit and vegetables.  These intelligent robots address a significant gap in the market and provide a solution to many farmers’ problems. It empowers farmers to…

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