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We create robots, robots that work!

LYRO is creating the brain, the eyes, and the hands for the next generation of intelligent robots. It was spun out after Team ACRV won the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge, building on the research our team developed at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV).

“It only needs to see seven images of a new object before it can reliably spot and grab it. […] Unlike many competitors, which used robot arms to carry out the tasks, Cartman is distinctly inhuman”

Read more: šŸ“°Amazonā€™s New Robo-Picker Champion Is Proudly Inhuman (MIT TechReview)

Our Technology

Unique features that you will love in our robots.

We developed these to win the Amazon Robotics Challenge, a worldwide competition to automate order picking and object stowing.

Fast Learning

Our deep neural network based visual detection system can handle large variances in items. It is able to deal with dozens of new objects being added and can adapt in under half an hour of training.

Robust Grasping

We excel at picking objects, such as fruit or your eCommerce order. Our robots can pick your items out of tightly packed shelves, warehouse totes, and from moving conveyor into shipping boxes.
Repeatedly. Reliably.

Pick and Place

Our robotic systems aim to be robust in a large variety of scenarios. Thanks to our modular robotic system we can design, develop, and deliver new capabilities quickly.

Reliable Intergration

We create systems that are robust and reliable thanks to a tight integration of perception, action and learning. Our robots can operate autonomously in a variety of dynamic and challenging environments.

Our Team

Meet the world-class team behind LYRO Robotics
Team LYRO (Jan 2020)

Dr Nicole Robinson

Director - HRI / Business Dev

Dr JĆ¼rgen ‘Juxi’ Leitner

Managing Director

Mr Norton Kelly-Boxall

Director - Engineering

Maurie McNarn AO, FAICD

Independent Director

Greg Melick AO RFD SC

Legal Advisor

Mr Mark Robinson

Agriculture and Logistics Advisor

Distinguished Professor Peter Corke

Robotics Advisor

Where to find us

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We create robots, robots that work!

Always learning

Our robotic system updates over time to improve its pick and pack performance

A robotic solution

We use state of the art robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence to build our robots

Rapid deployment

We work to a fast design and deployment strategy to get our robots out in the real world

For all industries

Our robot is modular, so we can adapt it to your specific industry need

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