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Robotic packing system for the food supply chain

Food supply chains are brittle and burdened with increasing external pressure.

LYRO offers robotic picking and packing solutions to create efficient, reliable and secure foods supply chains.

Made in Australia

We’re an Australian deep- tech company backed by over a decade of academic and field research.

Learn. Improve. Repeat.

Our smart robots learn to pick up new and different shaped objects in minutes, improving over time to suit your needs.

Robotics is our Passion

Founded by world-leading experts in robotic vision, deep-learning and grasping, with a combined experience of 60+ years.

An Award Winning Solution

Our solution won 1st place at the International Amazon Robotics Challenge.

Watch how we deliver low-friction packing solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables


We help farmers get their produce to supermarkets more efficiently, ensuring supply isn’t impacted amid labour shortages

Increased throughput


Plug and Play Robots

Reduced Labour Reliance

No Capex; Savings From Day 1

Quick to Install

Partners that trust us

Featured In


It’s difficult to keep people focused on boring, unstimulating jobs for long periods of time, but LYRO's robots deliver great results day in day out.
John Steemson
Pineapple Top Sorting, Litabella Farms
With humans, you get human error. The LYRO robot can do the same thing over and over, with quality. That’s what we want.
Andrew Martens
Zucchini packing, Marto Farms
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