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LYRO Robotics is an Australian deep-tech startup building intelligent robots.

LYRO is creating the brain, the eyes, and the hands for the next generation of intelligent robots.

We are a venture-backed, Australian robotics company created by world-leading experts in robotic vision, deep-learning and grasping that formerly worked at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV). We are the people behind “Team ACRV” the team that won the Amazon Robotics Challenge, an international order fulfilment competition, with our robot Cartman.


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LYRO Avocado Packer
Assisting Farmers

LYRO's robots are helping farmers and warehouses with labour shortages.

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Retail Innovation

Halodi Robotics and LYRO Robotics, two leading robotics companies, announced an agreement to develop a retail robot...

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Initial Funding

Marking the Japanese corporation’s first investment in Australia, Toyo Kanetsu is injecting seed fund.

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Amazon Challenge

After winning the Amazon funded international order fulfilment competition we created LYRO Robotics to commercialise ...

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LYRO Machine Intelligence tightly integrates the brain, the eyes, and the hands enabling your robot to pick and pack any item, even if it has not seen it before!


LYRO’s Machine Intelligence is making every robot smart! The brain learns what tasks the robots need to. It can adapt to new items quickly and remembers them future tasks.


Our state-of-the-art vision system detects the correct item, even in untidy boxes. It can differentiate between similar items, e.g. select DVDs based on the cover or produce based on the blush.


The correct gripper makes all the difference. We design our own and integrate with off-the-shelf grippers. From fast to flexible, from soft fingers to suction.

LYRO Machine Intelligence in Action

Your robot is really good at doing one thing, but only one thing? To scale up you need LYRO Machine Intelligence. It’s the brain the makes every robot smart enough to perform a wide range of tasks. It learns to pick new items quickly and makes decisions based on colour, weight, size, and many more. Enabling you to focus on your customers knowing that the robots can deal with it when anything changes in the supply line.

Agriculture & Horticulture

We use state of the art robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence to build our robots with a fast design and deployment strategy to get our robots out in the real world.

Pattern Packing

Farm Picking & Packing

Sorting & more



Logistics & Warehousing

Our robotic system updates over time to improve its pick and pack performance as well as a modular design, so we can adapt it to your specific industry needs.

Order Fulfillment



Piece Picking & More

World-leading  RESEARCH  and Award-winning  TECHNOLOGY 

Our robotic systems are based on more than a decade of research into machine learning, robotic vision, and grasping. This research culminated into creating the winning robot for the Amazon Robotics Challenge – a world-wide robotic order fulfilment competition – where we managed to outperform teams with more expensive industrial robots, such as, MIT, Princeton, Uni Bonn, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic.

An example of transferring state-of-the-art deep neural network research into applications is our fast picking of new items. LYRO’s Machine Intelligence can add a dozen of new objects in just under an hour. See how we used it to win the Amazon Robotics Challenge, a worldwide competition to automate order picking and object stowing!

Our People

LYRO is run by humans: thinkers, engineers, explorers, and innovators.

Our founders are former researchers and technical leads from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Robotic Vision, the $25.6 million venture and the world’s first robotic vision research centre. 

Our board and advisory team bring together, decades of experience in business development, operations, logistics and import and export to complement the founding team’s expertise in robotics, computer vision, and machine learning.


Juxi Leitner

World-leading expert in robotic grasping turned entrepreneur. A decade of research experience in #Robotics, #ComputerVision and Artificial Intelligence (#AI). Attracted significant amounts of funding and managed research teams of various sizes before founding LYRO Robotics. Been an active part in the startup scene of various countries (Austria, Switzerland, and now Australia).

Juxi is a well-known, internationally invited speaker and presenter in the global robotics community.

Nicole Robinson

Well-known expert contributing to university-led research for over a decade, with a focus on human behaviour and its translation into software agents and robotic systems to work towards a human-robot society. Scientific lead for QUT’s Humanoid Robotics between 2018-20. She was promoted to become the youngest Chief Investigator (CI) and Program Leader of Human Interaction in the QUT Robotics Centre

Norton Kelly-Boxall

Experienced mechanical engineer with more than 4 years of experience, he was the project lead for the mechanical team for the Amazon Robotics Challenge winning robot ‘Cartman’.

Board Members

Greg Melick

A Senior Counsel with wide-ranging experience including intellectual property, administrative law, leadership and management.


Maurie McNarn

An experienced Company Director and Senior Executive, previously a Major General in the Australian Army and COO at the University of Queensland (UQ), a Deputy Chair or Director on several company boards and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Prof Peter Corke

A world-renowned and highly respected robotics expert with over 30 years of experience in developing robotics technologies, systems, and leading large-scale, multi-million dollar teams.


Mark Robinson

An expert in developing, managing, and growing businesses in the agricultural and logistics industry. Founder and Managing Director of an Australian based fruit brokerage business, and COO of the Freshmax Group.

Our partners in robot evolution

GSD labs

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