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who we are

LYRO is a robotics and AI company creating intelligent packing solutions.

We design, develop, and deploy next-gen robots that are trusted by farmers and packing operators all across Australia. Our robots have worked thousands of hours and packed hundreds of thousands of fresh produce items.


Reduced packing time
Reduced manpower requirement
Reduced errors
Increased boxes packed
Robots Deployed
Combined Team Experience
Items packed

Your robot is really good at doing one thing, but only one thing?

LYRO Machine Intelligence tightly integrates the brain, the eyes, and the hands enabling your robot to pick and pack any item, even if it has not seen it before!

It enables your robot to learn to pick new items quickly and make decisions based on colour, weight, size, and many more.

Our Guiding Principles


We go deep into the heart of the customer problem and know it inside and out. This means we work to understand our industry from the ground up and develop strategies that serve our target segments.


No secrets inside our company. Everyone knows how the company is performing where we are going, and what needs to be done to get there. Even as we work across different locations, functions and cultures.


The secret to a long and successful career is to never stop being curious and always aim to learn more. We make sure each proposal every code drop, every demo, every customer interaction is better than the last. We are all both students and teachers.

Time is of essence

Our mission is important to the world. It's Important that we pack as much as possible into each day in order to get things done quickly, while ensuring that we don't compromise on safety and quality

We grow, together

Everyone intentionally engages in self-improvement and personal growth, for themselves and their teams. This means times of tension and discomfort are also embraced for what they can teach us.

Production over process

A task is completed only when the result has been delivered. We engage in healthy, respectful debate on how to get there, but in the end what we ship is the most robust measure of success.

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