Dr Nicole Robinson Panelist at “Explore The Utility of Pick and Place Robots” webinar

Australia – May 2022


Robotics Australia Group Webinar – Pick and Place Robots in Australia

Australia’s leading robotics and AI company, LYRO Robotics, has been part of a webinar organised by the Robotics Australia Group. Dr Nicole Robinson, co-founder at LYRO Robotics, was a panelist discussing the opportunity for pick and pack robots in Australia and highlighted the capabilities of the LYRO Fruit Packing Robots. LYRO creates robots that pick and pack fruit and vegetables to secure our food supply chain.

LYRO Robotics has been invited to discuss their fresh produce pattern-packing robotic system in the above webinar. In a world-first, the innovation created in Australia, is able to use the same robot to pick any type of fruit and vegetable and able to pack them according to industry standards, Dr Nicole Robinson explains.

These intelligent robots address a significant gap in the market and provide a solution to many farmers’ problems. It empowers farmers to integrate technology into their operations, optimises operating margins, reduces food wastage, increases efficiency and mitigates the impacts of labour shortages. And best of all, the robots can be fitted to farmers’ existing operations and installed in less than one hour!

Learn more here: https://lyro.io


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LYRO Robotics is an Australian robotics & AI company and is a global leader in intelligent robots for order fulfilment and fruit packing. LYRO is creating the brains, eyes and hands for the next generation of smart robots.