LYRO taking the sting out of pineapple top sorting

Brisbane, Australia & Berlin, Germany – April 2022

Australia’s LYRO Robotics, a global leader in intelligent picking and packing robots, has successfully deployed one of their packing robots to sort pineapple tops as part of the Hinkler AgTech Initiative in Bundaberg, Qld.

LYRO robots are taking the sting out of pineapple top sorting

🍍We had a successful deployment of one of our robots sorting pineapple tops in Bundaberg, QLD.

What? Why do you need to sort pineapple tops? Growing new pineapple plants from tops reduces the time to get to harvest, but there is a caveat! If you plant different sized pineapple tops next to each other they will compete, reducing your yield and more importantly requiring farmers to run multiple harvest operations → at massive cost! So they need someone to sort spikey, prickly pineapple tops for 8hrs+ by size. Turns out robots are much better at this than humans when sticking their hands into boxes full of spikey pineapple tops (and spiders)!

LYRO Robotics designs, develops, and builds intelligent robots in Australia. In a world-first, robots powered by LYRO Machine Intelligence are able to use the same robot to pick any type of fruit and vegetable and able to pack them according to industry standards.

These intelligent robots address a significant gap in the market and provide a solution to many farmers’ problems. It empowers farmers to integrate technology into their operations, optimises operating margins, reduces food wastage, increases efficiency and mitigates the impacts of labour shortages. And best of all, the robots can be fitted to farmers’ existing operations and installed in less than one hour!

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Media Coverage: 📰 Bundaberg Today

LYRO’s co-founder and MD Juxi Leitner with John Steemson of Littlebella Pines. Picture: AARON GOODWIN


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LYRO Robotics is an Australian robotics & AI company and is a global leader in intelligent robots for order fulfilment and fruit packing. LYRO is creating the brains, eyes and hands for the next generation of smart robots.