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LYRO in The Australian

LYRO Co-founder and managing director Juxi was interviewed by The Australian and is featured in their article published today focussing on Australia’s lead in robotics research.

Chris Griffith, who wrote the article also tweeted it here:

The story is currently leading The Australian’s Technology page.

From the article:

Jürgen “Juxi” Leitner who is heading to the private sector as co-founder of Brisbane-based LYRO Robotics, focused on creating robotic systems that can pick and pack a large range of objects. He is being joined by centre research fellow, Nicole Robinson.

They were inspired by the experience of winning the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan with the only custom-built robot of its type in the global competition. Dr Leitner says LYRO Robotics plans to build smart picking and packing robotic systems that can handle a large range of items in logistics and agricultural settings.

“This involves building the eyes, the hands, and the brain,” he said. “There are a lot of really interesting questions that we need to solve to create robots that can see and do in a wide range of application areas.

“I believe there’s great potential in applying some of our research breakthroughs in robotic deployment to have a wider impact on industries and people. LYRO is one avenue to get robots ‘out there’ – out of the lab – to make a real difference.”

Dr Leitner previously worked on artificial intelligence and robotics at the European Space Agency’s Advanced Concepts Team. Deploying robots in space remains one of his major interests.

“Space has fascinated me since I was a kid living in Austria,” he said. “If there is a potential avenue to apply our technique on extra-terrestrial applications, you will surely see me jump on that.

“With the new Space Agency, Australia might join on-going international efforts, such as the Moon Village by ESA and Artemis by NASA.

“Imagine a robot building habitats on the moon using local resources. Another application might be on-orbit servicing, which ties into the space junk problem.”

Full article link: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/the-australian-centre-for-robotic-vision-is-finding-ways-robots-can-help-around-the-house/news-story/65cccadb01038d30a1acc00d52dd62e3

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