Halodi Robotics and LYRO Robotics Launch AI-powered Humanoid Robot for Retail

Moss, Norway & Brisbane, Australia – Jul 2020

Halodi Robotics and LYRO Robotics, two leading robotics companies, are today announcing an agreement to develop a retail robot demonstrator.

The system will use Halodi Robotics’ EVE robot platform, combined with LYRO Machine Intelligence, the AI, vision, and picking technology developed by LYRO Robotics that helped them win the Amazon Robotics Challenge in 2017.

The demonstrator is to be developed at both companies’ locations to demonstrate in-store picking, order fulfilment and restocking of goods in real stores with no infrastructure modification needed.

The joint effort intends to show the feasibility of deploying large fleets of robots in retail to improve efficiency, customer experience, and to build more resilient business models in a time where social interaction is challenging. 

The EVE robot is the first genuinely compliant and capable full-size humanoid robot on the market today. It is the ideal platform to demonstrate functionality that will be available in robots brought to market in the next few years.  With a high-end vision system, mobility, and picking technology, the robot will be able to move around in a store at a human pace and perform the dull, repetitive tasks that are essential in retail at close to human speeds.

“We are excited to have the expertise and experience of the LYRO Robotics team help us disrupt the retail industry”, says Bernt Børnich, Chief Executive Officer of Halodi Robotics.  “We are looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.”

Video: LYRO Machine Intelligence picking and packing orders

“We are very excited to bring LYRO Machine Intelligence to Halodi Robotics EVE robot” says Managing Director of LYRO, Dr. Jürgen Leitner. “LYRO Machine Intelligence is based on more than a decade of our research into machine learning, robotic vision and grasping. Our system enables any robot to pick and pack the diverse range of items seen in the retail sector.”

The companies are actively looking for retail partners to pilot the solution starting in 2021. 

If you are interested in becoming an exclusive trial partner reach out via RETAIL@LYRO.io


About Halodi Robotics

At Halodi Robotics, we are passionate about robots. Our mission is to bring safe and capable humanoid robots to everyone. To achieve this, we are developing a full-sized humanoid robot that will serve commercial and consumer markets at an affordable price.  We are also commercializing game-changing technologies developed in our R&D projects as we go along.


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About LYRO Robotics

LYRO Robotics is an Australian robotics company, incorporated in August 2019. It leads the push to create intelligent robots for picking and packing in various industries globally. LYRO is creating ‘the brains, eyes and hands’ for the next generation of robots. It is in the business of developing state-of-the-art robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence to visually identify, locate, pick and pack a large range of items.